Thursday, April 15, 2010

School Holidays

My painting is nearly finished YAY! Art day has come around already. I can't believe its been a week since I posted. Time flies.

Its school holidays and Zoe is staying with us for a few days. She hogs the computer! I don't mind. She is learning to knit and doing rather well at it. Last night we sat in bed with the tv on with our knitting. A pair of old grandmas hehehe.

Well I'd better get on with the day.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Its Thursday

Its Thursday and you know what that means ... ART DAY! A whole blissful day lost in the studio away from the outside world. Wonder what will happen to the canvas today. I have decided to paint over the painting on the large 60"x40" canvas. I just can't get it to a place that I'm happy with. You have that sometimes. It just won't work so another painting will go over the top. I have this idea for 1950's diner table and chairs. I aim to use old diner menus in my background along with my usual layers of stampings and washes. Red chairs and a chrome and laminate table. Well, as Laura would say "I'd better bust a move" and get out in the studio. If you don't hear from me don't worry. I am safe. I would just be floating in the studio somewhere. Come and join me if you want. I will warn you though. Art is addictive!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Had a Break. How Are You? What's New With You???

I think this is the longest time I've been away from my blog. I don't really have an excuse. Maybe I just haven't had anything to say. Ha, that will be the day.

Well firstly the news. Those of you on Facebook already know. Bob and I have another grandchild. Oliver William was born on 3rd March weighing 10lb 12ozs and that was two weeks early. He was 56.5cm long (22 and a half inches). His brother Evan (aged 3 years) did not want to know about him at first as he had wanted a sister that he had already named Ruby. He was told that he could have a brother but he was adamant the baby was a sister. He is used to it now and loves his little baby Oliver.


big cousin Zoe proudly holding baby Oliver at Evan's birthday party

big brother Evan at his third birthday party, grr

I have been in the studio and I have been very busy even though I haven't got a lot to show you. I am still working on my huge canvas (60"x40"). Its basically finished but I feel the painting hasn't got the 'it' factor. You know that special something. I keep working on it, adding another layer trying to get something I'm happy with. Some paintings fall into place really easily and some don't I suppose.

Another painting I have been working on is one I hope to enter in one of the major art prizes. I am really excited about this one. It was one of those paintings that just brought me so much joy during its creation. It was a challenge. There are things in this painting I usually don't tackle. Things I try to stay away from like hands, stripes and foreshortening. It took awhile to get the composition right and Bob was so patient while I took photo after photo. Changing the direction of the light, climbing higher on the ladder so I could see directly into his coffee cup, changing the position of his hands, moving his feet etc etc etc. He is worried that this painting will make him sort after as a model. No phone calls so far hehehe lol! I wanted the viewer to almost become the painting. No that doesn't make sense. I was trying to achieve the view you get when you look down into your own lap (well almost). It invites the viewer to really become part of the painting I think. Does that make more sense or am I off in airy fairy art land that's full of ramblings of a mad woman hehehe? I purposely made Bob put his hand on the painting while I photographed it so you can get the scale of it. Its so disappointing when I paint larger than life and it ends up a small picture on a computer screen. It changes the whole feeling of it somehow.

Coffee and Striped Pyjamas
mixed media on canvas
91x122cm (36"x48")

I hope I still have some blogger friends left after neglecting you all for so long. Hope you all had a lovely Easter that you were able to share with your loved ones.