Tuesday, July 27, 2010

'Junior MasterChef Australia' Promo

Hint - Look for girl wearing a pink hat ...

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Last Pics

underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge

look up, its massive

I just never got tired of looking at it

Luna Park

No more holiday pics till the next holiday ..... these are the last...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

..... and more pics

...be afraid, be very afraid

the three of us

Sydney Harbour Bridge stole my heart

on the ferry

Circular Quay

Friday, July 16, 2010

Grocery Shopping and Some More Pics...

My life is slowly getting back into its normal rhythm after being in Sydney. I haven't been in the studio yet as I had to catch up on some chores. Today was market day. Although grocery shopping can be a drag the sites and smells of the market always inspires me. It brings out the hunter gatherer instincts. I recently acquired a stack of food magazines. I loved so many of the recipes that I decided to cook a new recipe every day next week. This made shopping a whole lot more interesting as I had to source the different ingredients. A lot of them from the Asian Grocery Store. Now the only problem is deciding what to cook first. I don't mind cooking for special occasions but I don't like cooking the everyday meals so this should make it a whole lot more interesting.

As you can see there are more shots from the Sydney trip. The good thing is you don't need to look. This means I don't have to feel like that boring person that forces their boring holiday snaps on you.

Touching the Sydney Opera House (yes those big white arches are all tiles).

The view from the steps of the opera house.

My girls with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

Me and Z.

One of the ferries in Sydney Harbour. A great way to get around Sydney.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Own Bed

Why is it waking up in your own bed makes your holiday seem like a distant memory??? Its back to the mundane today as the washing needs to be done and the linen changed on the bed etc etc. Bob and Jack are happy I am back and of course I am happy to be home but there is part of me that still needs more adventure. More new sites to see, more new sounds to listen to and scents to smell but the kitty is a bit low :(. I would have thought having a week in Sydney would have satisfied me for a while but I think its made me more restless. Overseas lands are calling me ..... can you hear it??? Its back to business now though. I need to become a well known artist so I sell lots of paintings for lots of money and then I can travel.

My girls and I had a wonderful time in Sydney. Its so big compared to Adelaide. The CBD is just walls and walls of very tall buildings leaving no view of any distance.

The Sydney Opera house is a marvel but its Sydney Harbour Bridge that stole my heart.

Well when someone removes some of the letters from the word 'passengers' they are asking for a pic like this hehehe.
Over the next few posts I will post more pics from our Sydney trip .....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


WOW!!!!!!! Home tomorrow :(

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Off to Sydney

I'm off to Sydney on Thursday with my girls. We are so excited. Its such an adventure. Apart from driving through a suburb of Sydney in rush hour a few years back I haven't been there since the 70's. To get up close and personal to Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be fantastic. Hope to get some good pics. I am also meeting a friend I have only spoken to on the internet. From what I understand she lives about 2 hours drive from Sydney. We are meeting face to face for the first time as she happens to be going to Sydney while I'm there. I'm so excited!!! Two more sleeps. Won't be flying home till the following Wednesday.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hip Hip Hurray

I have had to work through a few things lately and haven't been my usual happy self. I have been whiny and self doubting and in the doldrums. With recent events I just felt, regardless of my hard work, I had taken a step backwards. I had set my goals and was checking them off the list. However being an optimist I never factored in that things might go wrong and that I would find myself taking a slight detour. Things, I might add, that were out of my control. Anyway, you all will be glad to hear that I think I have stopped sulking now and seem to be back on track. I am fairly certain that the whining is over.

I had a wonderfully productive time in the studio today. A new portrait is under way. I am new to portraiture and still trying to find out what works and what doesn't. I recently painted a portrait of granddaughter Zoe which I called 'Lineage-Zoe aged 8'. That got me to thinking that I could paint more of the 'lineage' by painting a portrait of daughter Julia, my mother Rosemarie and squeeze in another selfy. That would complete the four generations of the female lineage that are still alive. Its a huge undertaking for me and fills me with lots of wonderful fear. I have started on the portrait of Julia choosing to paint in the highlights and the shadows on an already strong coloured background. The picture below is what I have done so far. Not much to see yet but I am happy with the start I've made. Like I said, its an experiment and only time will tell if its going to work or not. What is important that I am excited about my artwork again and love spending time in the studio even though its cold in there as its a particularly cold and dreary winter.