Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Toothy Tale

Miss Zoe has lost her first tooth. Such excitment! Its a sign of growing up. What are the tooth fairy rates these days. A front tooth used to fetch 20c with a back tooth going as high as 50c but that wouldn't be acceptable now!

Miss Zoe is proud to announce her first lost tooth got her a whole $2. Its because she looks after them so well I'm sure!
Master Evan is growing his first teeth. Such excitment. It's a sign of growing up.

Master Evan is proud to announce his new teeth work a treat especially on hot cross buns for afternoon tea.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its All About Balance

I'm determined to get back to the easel today. I haven't done any artwork in such a long time. Been concentrating on my fitness and health. Trying to eat a balanced diet etc etc etc. That has taken my focus away from art. Its ok to do that. Looking after your physical self is helping to fill the creative well but now its time to balance health, fitness, diet, boring chores and art. Once I get home from gym, do a quick clean out of my art corner (I always use it as a dumping ground when not in use), I should be ready to start. I already have that lovely excited feeling of anticipation in the pit of my stomach. Mmm canvas, paper, mediums and paint make for a wonderful afternoon. Better than chocolate ... ?

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Big Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Bunny is getting tricky hiding eggs in the pot plants.

Oh look there's another one!

This is enough eggs to last all the family a whole year I reckon.

With the hunt over the family can relax with a nice breakfast in the garden. Decorated eggs, toast and hotcross buns were on the menu. Followed by chocolate, mmm.
(this photo taken by Zoe)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Its so quiet here today. Good Friday and everything is closed. Only the birds are singing.
My exercise and weight loss is going well and I hope not to spoil that by eating too many chocolates over Easter. Our little grandson Evan is having his first birthday party on Sunday. That will be another eating temptation with yummy birthday cake. Funny how his birthday falls on Easter Sunday this year. I can't believe he's one already. Time sure flies the older you get I reckon. Sunday will be packed full of grandchildren activities. Big Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning. Followed by hot cross buns with melting butter for breakfast and in the afternoon its off to Evan's birthday party. I think a long fast walk uphil will have to be scheduled to burn off some of those chocolates, hot cross buns and birthday cake.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catching Up

The weather has stayed cooler. Lets hope that's the end of the heat. It is autumn after all. Still haven't done any artwork but I've been catching up on all the things that was left undone due to the heat. The easel is calling me very loudly though so next week I will get back to it for sure.

I've been going to gym regularly and am back in the swing of that. We have a new instructor for the Tuesday class and he nearly killed me. My legs were dropping off in the first 5 minutes but I soooooooooo enjoyed it. That sure made me work off some blubber! I've been reading a women's health magazine in which there was an article discussing strength or cardio exercises. They analysed which burns more kilojoules (calories). While the cardio burns 42 to 50kj a minute (running or cycling), lifting weights burns 33 to 42kj. However, lifting weights gives you a metabolic spkie for an hour after a workout as your body works to help your muscles recover, so you'll burn an extra 25% of the kilojoules you burned during your strength session. I got this info from the Australian Women's Health magazine. There are loads of interesting articles for a healthy lifestyle and some great recipes too. I will definately buy the next issue. Enough rambling, its off to gym I go. Got to burn more flab so I can eat more easter eggs, yummo!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Made it Through the Other Side

We just had the longest heatwave in recorded history. Phew 15 days of temperatures reaching 35C (95F). It reached 40C (104F) on a number of occasions and the average was just over 38C (100F). Can you believe it? This is meant to be autumn when the temperature starts to cool down. Everyone was starting to go a little crazy. The feeling of no energy paying its toll on frayed nerves. My creative well dried up to just a mud puddle and I fought to keep it from drying up altogether. Today on the 16th day, the forecast temperature is 29C ( 84F) and it feels so comfortable. At last the curtains are pulled back and the windows are open. The place is quiet without the sound of air conditioners running. I can hear the rainbow lorikeets again. Its funny how getting through this heatwave feels like such an achievement. The best thing is, my thoughts are finally returning to my easel YAY!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Busy Doing Nothing

Time is just flying by. I don't seem to be doing anything much. No artwork! I have been going hard at the exercise and diet and getting back on track with that and that's all I'm focusing on at the moment. I will need to really get a balance on all the things in my life so I can fit everything in. I'm either flat out creating or flat out exercising. I will try hard next week to combine the two.
I have been spending more time with friends lately which is a good thing. I tend to isolate myself too much but that's comes with the territory of being an artist. Spending hours alone in the studio in that lovely head space of creating. Its really not something that you can share with anyone. So I need to remember to resurface more and not neglect my friends.

The weather is hot again. I thought we were over it but we are having another week of mid to high 30's. Come on autumn, where are you?

Zoe is enjoying herself so much on the Gold Coast. I have several phone calls a day from her telling me about her adventures. Yesterday they went to a wild life park and got up close to kangaroos and even saw echidnas feeding. Can't wait to see the photos. The resort they are staying in has a pool lagoon so there's also lots of swimming going on I suspect.

Its time to head off to gym and hopefully work off some more flab!