Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catching Up

The weather has stayed cooler. Lets hope that's the end of the heat. It is autumn after all. Still haven't done any artwork but I've been catching up on all the things that was left undone due to the heat. The easel is calling me very loudly though so next week I will get back to it for sure.

I've been going to gym regularly and am back in the swing of that. We have a new instructor for the Tuesday class and he nearly killed me. My legs were dropping off in the first 5 minutes but I soooooooooo enjoyed it. That sure made me work off some blubber! I've been reading a women's health magazine in which there was an article discussing strength or cardio exercises. They analysed which burns more kilojoules (calories). While the cardio burns 42 to 50kj a minute (running or cycling), lifting weights burns 33 to 42kj. However, lifting weights gives you a metabolic spkie for an hour after a workout as your body works to help your muscles recover, so you'll burn an extra 25% of the kilojoules you burned during your strength session. I got this info from the Australian Women's Health magazine. There are loads of interesting articles for a healthy lifestyle and some great recipes too. I will definately buy the next issue. Enough rambling, its off to gym I go. Got to burn more flab so I can eat more easter eggs, yummo!

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