Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Made it Through the Other Side

We just had the longest heatwave in recorded history. Phew 15 days of temperatures reaching 35C (95F). It reached 40C (104F) on a number of occasions and the average was just over 38C (100F). Can you believe it? This is meant to be autumn when the temperature starts to cool down. Everyone was starting to go a little crazy. The feeling of no energy paying its toll on frayed nerves. My creative well dried up to just a mud puddle and I fought to keep it from drying up altogether. Today on the 16th day, the forecast temperature is 29C ( 84F) and it feels so comfortable. At last the curtains are pulled back and the windows are open. The place is quiet without the sound of air conditioners running. I can hear the rainbow lorikeets again. Its funny how getting through this heatwave feels like such an achievement. The best thing is, my thoughts are finally returning to my easel YAY!

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