Thursday, March 6, 2008

Busy Doing Nothing

Time is just flying by. I don't seem to be doing anything much. No artwork! I have been going hard at the exercise and diet and getting back on track with that and that's all I'm focusing on at the moment. I will need to really get a balance on all the things in my life so I can fit everything in. I'm either flat out creating or flat out exercising. I will try hard next week to combine the two.
I have been spending more time with friends lately which is a good thing. I tend to isolate myself too much but that's comes with the territory of being an artist. Spending hours alone in the studio in that lovely head space of creating. Its really not something that you can share with anyone. So I need to remember to resurface more and not neglect my friends.

The weather is hot again. I thought we were over it but we are having another week of mid to high 30's. Come on autumn, where are you?

Zoe is enjoying herself so much on the Gold Coast. I have several phone calls a day from her telling me about her adventures. Yesterday they went to a wild life park and got up close to kangaroos and even saw echidnas feeding. Can't wait to see the photos. The resort they are staying in has a pool lagoon so there's also lots of swimming going on I suspect.

Its time to head off to gym and hopefully work off some more flab!

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Laura said...

So how 's the Gym thing doing?