Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Dream

Here you go Bev. This is the suitcase painting I created last year. Its about my dream of meeting Doris in Paris and eating French cheese hehehe. I created it for an exhibition that had a French theme and it received a 'highly commended' from the judge. It was purchased by the City of Marion for their collection in the 'Peeking Through Someone Else's Window exhibition that I had recently with Julia and Zoe. I used images of vintage French posters and pages from a French phrase book in the background and then painted the suitcases over the top.

The Dream
mixed media on canvas
76.2x50.8cm (30"x20")
I haven't got Photoshop, which I use to edit my photos, installed on my new computer yet. It means I can't share the artwork I just finished yesterday. Its called 'Brown Onions' so guess what I painted hehehe. I also had another full day in the studio today and got the background done for the next painting. I have already come up with the title of ' Not Before Dinner' as its going to have a bowl of liquorice all sorts painted on it. By Tuesday week I have to have all work finished and photographed so Greenhill Gallery can put them on their web site. This has all happened so fast. I can't believe I have a solo exhibition opening in just over a month. No time to be nervous. I still need to find something to wear. That always causes me the most grief hehehe.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sneak Peek

As promised here's a couple of pics of my studio. Like I said its not finished yet so I don't want to show you too much. Maybe once its all done Julia will take a photo with her wide angled lens so you can get a better idea of how it looks. Below is a pic of my Dad's old work bench which he made himself. Its a real treasure. To the left of the picture is a work in progress and just behind that is the door to my garden. I had it open to let a little sunshine in. In the middle of the picture is a lovely old frame I want to do something with one day. It probably held a mirror at one time.

The pic above is a close up of my Dad's bench with all those lovely dents and marks all over it. The wood has that lovely used patina which makes it very inviting to work at. I have given it a nice polish so its nice and smooth to touch as well. Below are some storage shelves. I love old suitcases and find them a nice way to store various art and craft treasures. I want to make some luggage tags and write the contents of each case. Yes I know its my German-ness coming out. Neat and in order hehehe.

I don't have time to clean out the shed any further at the moment. I only have two weeks till all my work has to be finished and photographed and ready for Greenhill Gallery to put up on their web site. I'm trying to get a few new works in this exhibition so its work, work, work from now on. I love being busy with my art :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm still not back into the swing of things being back on line. Its funny how quickly you get out of routine. Haven't posted or read all my regular blogs like I did before. I have however been on Facebook way too long. That has to stop. Its just that this shiny new laptop is so inviting and its so nice to use instead of my old stone age computer hehehe. Its amazing how much I missed all you guys. You have become so much part of my daily life that I don't like it when I don't hear from you :(.

Photos of the studio are coming. It just that its not totally ready yet. There is still some of Bob's stuff (junk hehehe) in my space and I don't want to show you till its all done. Maybe I can take a photo of a section of it just to give you a taste. I have an old work bench that my Dad made. He was a carpenter and a builder and there's lots of his marks left on his old work bench. Dents, scratches and dribbles of paint. I am now adding to them with my art stuff. Another generation of marks. I gave it a good polish and it looks lovely and used. So warm and inviting to work at. Maybe I will take a photo of that today. I have the easel that Bob made for me standing next to it with some work in progress on it. We've had a bit of cold weather lately and its been so cold in the studio. I don't go back out there after dinner as I'm just too cold.

Ok I've been sitting on the computer way too long again this morning instead of working. I'm just going to do a little grocery shopping as I didn't get to the market yesterday and then its off to the studio. Blue sky and a little sunshine promising me that spring is on the way, nice.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello World, I'm Back!

It seems so long since I've been on the net but its really only been a couple of weeks. I'm overwhelmed with all I have to catch up on but I'm sure I will catch up eventually. I now am a proud owner of a shiny new laptop that I'm still trying to work out how to use. Julia has just spent a few hair pulling hours trying to connect my new laptop to the internet. As you can see she finally got it going but she hasn't got the wireless part going yet so I'm still in the lounge room instead of from the comfort of my bed hehehe. Like Julia said though, at least I'm back on!!!

The big shed cleanup is not finished yet. The shed is the size of a small factory so its not going to get cleared out overnight. We are being ruthless. Going through everything and throwing out anything that hasn't been used in awhile. My studio area is already up and running with all my art supplies already stashed away on shelves and cupboards. I have started to work in there even though the rest of the shed is in total chaos. I'm really happy with the space and will take some photos to show you once its all done.

I've left this last bit of news for the end as its the most exciting. I sent my details to a couple of commercial galleries. Something I've been nervous to do. I was still lacking a bit of confidence in that department but I finally got the nerve up to do it. One of the galleries got back to me and we set up a meeting for last Saturday. I nervously packed up some of my work and set out. I met with the gallery director and showed him my work. He loved it! He actually loved it! He said it was fresh and from the heart and loved my techniques. And guess what??? I'm now represented by Greenhill Gallery and have a solo exhibition opening on Sunday the 13th of September, this year!!! Anyway I'm now hard at work so I have a few new works to show.

Well I'd better stop rambling. I have so many emails to catch up on. Still have blogs to catch up on and I also need to see what's been going on on Facebook since I've been computerless.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

R.I.P Computer

Hi its Julia, Uta's daughter. She has asked me to post on her behalf to let you know that she is alive and well (and rather excitedly getting the shed/studio in order) but that her computer has finally died. She will be getting a new one in next couple of weeks but until then won't be able to come online.

Julia xx