Monday, July 27, 2009

Sneak Peek

As promised here's a couple of pics of my studio. Like I said its not finished yet so I don't want to show you too much. Maybe once its all done Julia will take a photo with her wide angled lens so you can get a better idea of how it looks. Below is a pic of my Dad's old work bench which he made himself. Its a real treasure. To the left of the picture is a work in progress and just behind that is the door to my garden. I had it open to let a little sunshine in. In the middle of the picture is a lovely old frame I want to do something with one day. It probably held a mirror at one time.

The pic above is a close up of my Dad's bench with all those lovely dents and marks all over it. The wood has that lovely used patina which makes it very inviting to work at. I have given it a nice polish so its nice and smooth to touch as well. Below are some storage shelves. I love old suitcases and find them a nice way to store various art and craft treasures. I want to make some luggage tags and write the contents of each case. Yes I know its my German-ness coming out. Neat and in order hehehe.

I don't have time to clean out the shed any further at the moment. I only have two weeks till all my work has to be finished and photographed and ready for Greenhill Gallery to put up on their web site. I'm trying to get a few new works in this exhibition so its work, work, work from now on. I love being busy with my art :)


Deborah Ross said...

Wow, Uta. You should use some of those neat old suitcases in a painting or two. They could really suggest a story.
Your dad's workbench has character. You are lucky to have it to work on.
Now...we want to see more work. Please.

Uta said...

Deborah, I have done a painting of old suitcases which got a highly commended in one exhibition and it sold in the last one. I plan to do more. Maybe a close up of the latches and handle.

april said...

Love that idea too! And love your studio! Looks very comfy with lots of inspiration all around. xox

Doris said...

I was thinking the same... your luggage with destination tags. Some pastries in France... my Germanness got sideswiped with clutter, maybe some luggage would help!

butterfly woman said...

Perhaps Uta, you could share that suitcase painting you did somewhere here, maybe, maybe?
I didn't realize your studio was soooooo big. You could get lost in there.
Can't wait to see your work on Greenhill Gallery website! Life can't get any better, can it?
Wish I could run my hands over your dad's workbench. Looks so smoothly tactile. Would you ever do a painting of it?