Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm still not back into the swing of things being back on line. Its funny how quickly you get out of routine. Haven't posted or read all my regular blogs like I did before. I have however been on Facebook way too long. That has to stop. Its just that this shiny new laptop is so inviting and its so nice to use instead of my old stone age computer hehehe. Its amazing how much I missed all you guys. You have become so much part of my daily life that I don't like it when I don't hear from you :(.

Photos of the studio are coming. It just that its not totally ready yet. There is still some of Bob's stuff (junk hehehe) in my space and I don't want to show you till its all done. Maybe I can take a photo of a section of it just to give you a taste. I have an old work bench that my Dad made. He was a carpenter and a builder and there's lots of his marks left on his old work bench. Dents, scratches and dribbles of paint. I am now adding to them with my art stuff. Another generation of marks. I gave it a good polish and it looks lovely and used. So warm and inviting to work at. Maybe I will take a photo of that today. I have the easel that Bob made for me standing next to it with some work in progress on it. We've had a bit of cold weather lately and its been so cold in the studio. I don't go back out there after dinner as I'm just too cold.

Ok I've been sitting on the computer way too long again this morning instead of working. I'm just going to do a little grocery shopping as I didn't get to the market yesterday and then its off to the studio. Blue sky and a little sunshine promising me that spring is on the way, nice.


Chrissie said...

I do love the sound of your Dad's workbench - looks as if you will be making good use of it (if you can tear yourself away from shiny new laptop!!!)

april said...

Yes, just a taste please. The workbench is a treasure. And, oh yes, spring is coming by you so warmer days to spend in your space. Our July has had cool, cool nights. So odd. I love it though...perfect weather for me. So good to see your words once again, Uta!

butterfly woman said...

You are such a tease with your creativity. Guess that's why I keep coming back here to see what surprises await. Always on the edge of my computer seat!
How interesting you are leaving the next generation of marks in your dad's workbench. Love that wording. Perhaps your daughter and Zoe will continue that tradition with their imprints or paint drops as well.Sounds like you're adapting quite well to the new computer, and life sounds good for you these days.

Doris said...

I forgot you were in winter! Being a Midwesterner I automatically think of snow. I saw no snow in location shots for photo shoots. I'm looking for those onions.