Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello World, I'm Back!

It seems so long since I've been on the net but its really only been a couple of weeks. I'm overwhelmed with all I have to catch up on but I'm sure I will catch up eventually. I now am a proud owner of a shiny new laptop that I'm still trying to work out how to use. Julia has just spent a few hair pulling hours trying to connect my new laptop to the internet. As you can see she finally got it going but she hasn't got the wireless part going yet so I'm still in the lounge room instead of from the comfort of my bed hehehe. Like Julia said though, at least I'm back on!!!

The big shed cleanup is not finished yet. The shed is the size of a small factory so its not going to get cleared out overnight. We are being ruthless. Going through everything and throwing out anything that hasn't been used in awhile. My studio area is already up and running with all my art supplies already stashed away on shelves and cupboards. I have started to work in there even though the rest of the shed is in total chaos. I'm really happy with the space and will take some photos to show you once its all done.

I've left this last bit of news for the end as its the most exciting. I sent my details to a couple of commercial galleries. Something I've been nervous to do. I was still lacking a bit of confidence in that department but I finally got the nerve up to do it. One of the galleries got back to me and we set up a meeting for last Saturday. I nervously packed up some of my work and set out. I met with the gallery director and showed him my work. He loved it! He actually loved it! He said it was fresh and from the heart and loved my techniques. And guess what??? I'm now represented by Greenhill Gallery and have a solo exhibition opening on Sunday the 13th of September, this year!!! Anyway I'm now hard at work so I have a few new works to show.

Well I'd better stop rambling. I have so many emails to catch up on. Still have blogs to catch up on and I also need to see what's been going on on Facebook since I've been computerless.


butterfly woman said...

Have missed you, my friend. Computers are crazy, glad my have a computer savvy hubby, like your daughter to lean on.
Great news on the shed and even GREATER news on the gallery. Is that cool or what. Your work is stunning, fresh and heartfelt,that gallery director sounds so sweet in recognizing that in you. Your art needs to continue to be shared with the world. I love your courage in pushing yourself with your art. You set a fine example as you blaze ahead with your dreams. Perhaps this time there will be a video for us to view and to hear that wonderful australian voice of yours. Just a hint!!!!

Uta said...

Hi Bev,
I missed you all too. I'm working on the video. Will you be able to understand my accent though hehehe

Uta said...
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Miki Willa said...

Congratulations on the gallery representation and the solo show! I am very excited for you. I know it will be very wonderful.

Laura said...

Ok so where's the picture of the studio lady..... I'm so excited for you and yours... and so glad you back on, isn't it funny how you miss your cyber mates?


Elena said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations on the gallery and the laptop! Great big hugs to you since I'm so excited for you!

Doris said...

That gallery is lucky they found you! Anticipating the shed/factory studio photo shoot! Somehow cupboards seem so perfect there. Hugs!

april said...

Oh Uta! I know you love your almost-finished new space! And what exciting news about the gallery!...although I am not surprised - your work is just beautiful! I'm so excited for you and so proud to know you. Happy days! Yes, can't wait to see pictures and all that good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hello Uta,it is good that you are back.
Congratulations to your new laptop
and new art show!