Monday, November 26, 2012

Heat in the Studio

I deleted all of 2007 posts and am still unable to upload pictures. I guess it takes some time for blogger to catch up with me. In the meantime if you want a sneak peek of my latest painting you will have to click here.

I am working feverishly to meet the deadline. Delivery is in just over 10 weeks aaaaaggggghhhhh! From the Gallery Walls of the Imagination opens at Gallery M, 287 Diagonal Road Oaklands Park South Australia, on February 8th, 2013 at 6:45pm. The exhibition runs till March 3rd. The weather is heating up and its getting mighty hot in the studio. The paint just about dries on the brush before it reaches the canvas. I am trying to organise some space inside the house where its so much cooler. Plus there is air conditioning for extremely hot days. I am just going to have to bite the bullet and make some room. Summer is fast approaching and the days are only going to get hotter. I usually take a break over the summer but as I just had three months off hanging around my cyber friends in America I need to keep working now. Plus there is that dreaded deadline!!!! Remember to keep checking out Glenn Stenson's blog. The idea of the exhibition originated from his work.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Down Memory Lane

I had to delete some of my old blog posts as I had used up all my blogger storage space. I saved them onto my external hard drive before deleting. I can't believe how many wonderful memories there are on here. Zoe just turned 11 yesterday. I started this blog 2 months before her 6th birthday. The pics that were on here of her were so adorable. She looked so small. She is quite grown up now and reading her first Dolly magazine. I remember when I got the first ever issue back in 1970 when I was a teenager. Where has time gone??? Julia always loved that magazine too and she bought Zoe her first copy as part of her birthday present. Tick tick tick, time just keeps rolling on doesn't it. I remember when I first made friends in cyber space. We shared our lives with each other, watched our families grow up through emails and through our blogs. Close bonds were formed without ever meeting in person. Amazing isn't it??? Even more amazing I got to meet you guys in person this year. I still can't believe it. It all came about through typing words on a little screen and sending them off into cyber space. Wow!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sneak Peak

Glenn has written another great post on his blog about how he came to write his newly completed book. And he wrote I am a rising star in my community as a painter!!!! I didn't even have to pay him to write that hehehe. I love being an artist but it is sometimes very isolating. Long hours are spent alone in the studio. I think thats what made this collaboration with Glenn so much fun ... sharing our creative endeavours. Its time we break down the barriers between the different art forms and show how they influence each other. When I read, the words form images in my mind.  The writer's skill of weaving words together is therefore responsible for influencing my imagination. That is really mind blowing don't you think??? One person's imagination inspiring another's. I love this definition by John K. Hutchens - A writer and nothing else: A man alone in a room with the English language, trying to get human feelings right. After spending two months with Glenn I can tell you, that describes him perfectly!!!

I wanted to post little detail pictures of some of the paintings for the exhibition but apparently I have used all my storage space on the blog. I can either pay for more storage or I can delete some of the pictures on my older posts. While I decide what to do I will link you to my facebook art page so you can have a little sneak peak at the paintings. Glenn has also kindly put the pictures up on his blog. Its just a little tease, only little details .....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Adventure Revisited

There is another installment of the birthing of a book and how the concept for my next exhibition came about on Glenn's blog. Its worth a read. I love reliving this journey through his eyes. What an adventure I had!!! I am now working so hard to meet the exhibition deadline ... lucky I had a three month holiday first huh??? I don't want to post pics of my exhibition work and spoil the "ta-dah" of the exhibition but I would love to share a little with you. Yesterday a friend of mine came up with a good idea .... stay tuned. There will be more to follow in a day or two.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Exhibition Concept

As everyone who reads my blog knows, this year I met my online American friends - The Tribe. We originally came together on a group blog reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. All artists in one form or another we soon forged a close bond - a bond that went deeper than our artistic endeavours. One of the tribe shared his writing with us. We were all eager to read more. Chapter by chapter Glenn shared his story with us. Being an artist I began to visualize each scene. I was inspired ... my imagination was set alight. As text plays an important roll in my artwork I asked if I could possibly use Glenn's words in the paintings that were inspired by his story. He kindly agreed and our collaboration was born. I soon realised that a body of work inspired by a writer's story would make and excellent exhibition concept. I decided to lodged a proposal with Gallery M. The proposal went as follows:

The theme/concept for this exhibition has been inspired by a writer friend who shares with me, chapter by chapter, his journey writing a novel. Although fiction, I sense the writer’s struggle to rediscover how to fully live again after years of being lost and trapped in the lives of others and finally reclaiming his own identity. His words ‘paint’ images on the page that are so vivid in my mind that I want to put them on canvas for others to see. In the form of still life, interpretation of place and some portraiture, the proposed body of work is my portrayal of the writer’s novel. As text and language are prominent features in my work, the writer has given his kind permission to use his words in the background of my paintings. This not only adds to the visual complexity, but also hints at the layers of meaning and links directly to the writer’s story within.

It was accepted and the exhibition entitled 'From the Gallery Walls of the Imagination' opens on February 8th 2013.

Glenn has recently finished writing his book and is now in the process of publishing. He is recalling his 'book birthing' and how The Tribe met, which is an interesting story in itself. You can follow along on his blog Astute.