Friday, December 21, 2012


Thanks to April for telling me what she learned I am once more able to post pics here. I didn't realise you only get limited storage space for pictures and videos on your blog. Suddenly whenever I tried to post pictures I was told my space was full. I tried deleting old post and still it didn't help. So here's how it works ... well at least how I think it works. Pictures posted on your blog get saved onto Picasa Web Albums. The web address is You can log into your account the same way you log onto your blog and other google accounts (your email address and password). I found that even the images I had deleted from old blog posts were still stored on Picasa. The Artist's Way blog I used to belong to has been deleted but all the images I had posted on there over the years were still stored on Picasa. I deleted these and the images I had already deleted from my blog and hey presto it said on the bottom of the screen that I now have only used 927MB  (18.12%) of my 5120MB allowance. Woohoo!!!  So to celebrate I will leave you with a pic of my hearts desire. If you are reading this Santa, these can be found in Wittner and I take a size 8!