Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It was my friend Deb's 60th birthday and a surprise lunch was held for her at Lane Winery in the Adelaide hills. It was a perfect spring day with the temperature reaching 27C (81F) I believe. The hills are still all green from the winter rain and for the first time since I arrived back in Australia I felt lucky to be here. I realised I missed the grey/green of the gum trees and the sounds of Aussie birds. Its like the countryside said "welcome back" and I smiled a big deep smile. 

 the entrance to Lane Winery

 beautiful views

 waiting for the guest of honour to arrive

 a nice cold beer ... Coopers of course

 here comes Deb ... a Mercedes sports car was rented as a treat

 birthday hugs

 I even got to hold Deb's new grandson

 flowers for the table

 bloody hell Deb, you're 60 ... when did that happen???

 what's not to love huh???

 making love to the Mercedes hehehe

 the sports car really suits you Deb

 the winery dog cleaned the floor of crumbs when lunch was over

 back at Deb's having some more drinks

Happy Birthday Deb.