Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hip Hip Hurray

I have had to work through a few things lately and haven't been my usual happy self. I have been whiny and self doubting and in the doldrums. With recent events I just felt, regardless of my hard work, I had taken a step backwards. I had set my goals and was checking them off the list. However being an optimist I never factored in that things might go wrong and that I would find myself taking a slight detour. Things, I might add, that were out of my control. Anyway, you all will be glad to hear that I think I have stopped sulking now and seem to be back on track. I am fairly certain that the whining is over.

I had a wonderfully productive time in the studio today. A new portrait is under way. I am new to portraiture and still trying to find out what works and what doesn't. I recently painted a portrait of granddaughter Zoe which I called 'Lineage-Zoe aged 8'. That got me to thinking that I could paint more of the 'lineage' by painting a portrait of daughter Julia, my mother Rosemarie and squeeze in another selfy. That would complete the four generations of the female lineage that are still alive. Its a huge undertaking for me and fills me with lots of wonderful fear. I have started on the portrait of Julia choosing to paint in the highlights and the shadows on an already strong coloured background. The picture below is what I have done so far. Not much to see yet but I am happy with the start I've made. Like I said, its an experiment and only time will tell if its going to work or not. What is important that I am excited about my artwork again and love spending time in the studio even though its cold in there as its a particularly cold and dreary winter.


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Looks fantastisc Uta. Cant wait to see it finished. :D
We all get down at times. I've been a bit that way myself lately...and I think winter does it too. Its cold and depressing. I'm a Spring/Summer girl. I really should be living up the top end of Oz not down here in the cold end.
Was just reading the comment you left on my blog about hiding lunch for the kids and giving them clues to find it. Great idea. The younger ones would love it...hoping it will be a rain free day to try it tomorrow. Im sure the older kids will like helping with the clues too

Suz said...

ah the stew that has been simmering
wonderful blues
Uta, never doubt your talent
it is special and wonderful and unique
and it will all fall into place..keep throwing that spagetti at the day it will stick..when the universe says yes!
But I guess what is really super is your enthusiasm again...nothing like it is there!!!

Robin said...

I am loving it already!! What an incredibly beautiful background!!!

Uta said...

It such a bitterly cold winter this year. I am not used to it so cold.

I like analogy of throwing spaghetti at the wall. All I have to do is keep throwing till it sticks. I can do that :)

The background is altered newspaper stained with various strengths of pthalo green and ultramarine blue. Then I added some stamping with gold. The green doesn't show up as rich as it really is as the pic was taken at night with no flash.

butterfly woman said...

Ah yes, the cycles of an artist. Love what you're doing here and the theme of the four generations sounds like something you and your family will cherish. I am always so amazed at your large pieces. It must be a freeing feeling to paint that way. I zoomed in on the painting and love the image of Julia in what looks like gold outline. Surreal and magical. Can't wait to see how this work in progress develops. I'm loving your path, Uta!

Julia said...

Looks like me already :)

Chrissie said...

I love the way you are always prepared to bounce back Uta - and in such spectacular fashion - what a dramatic background you've got started with!

Laura said...

The important thing is you went through it and came out on this side with new with the challenge you set forth for yourself and some scary bits in the area of new direction of sorts I can see why the big doubt was on you...just preparing you for a thrust forward...On your marks...get ready...set...Go!!! Smiles for you lady!!

april said...

Yes! It does look like Julia already! It's wonderful Uta! Can't wait to see the progression and see the rest of what's coming! Exciting series! I love the idea.

Doris said...

I'm so happy to see the new series undertaken! Can't wait for more!