Sunday, July 18, 2010

..... and more pics afraid, be very afraid

the three of us

Sydney Harbour Bridge stole my heart

on the ferry

Circular Quay


Laura said...

loving all the pictures, but my favorite of this set is the last one with you and your granddaughter looking over the rail at the night scene..

Uta said...

I'm glad you are enjoying them Laura. Will post a few more and that will be if for this holiday :)

Suz said...

Oh Uta they are great pics That shark is very scary...are they that big? why he could swallow a whole person! Sydney at night is gorgeous...and I agree that bridge is wow!

Uta said...

I don't think the sharks are that big although some of them get to a size big enough to eat you. We are not their preferred food though and they do not hunt us :)

Doris said...

They do have alarming teeth though! I think I understand correctly that they are fish and not mammals like dolphins and whales?