Monday, December 7, 2009

Artists Market

Phew what a long and tiring weekend. I had to take today off and just mooch around the house and recover. I met some lovely people. Both artists and the public alike. Made some new buddies and had loads of exposure. The weather was glorious and so many people attended the market. It was very busy. My stall backed onto the Port River and every now and then I'd look out for the dolphins. There were beautiful jellyfish that were delightful to watch. Their graceful movement mesmerised me at times. I would not like to be stung by one though. I loved talking to people but the whole selling thing is just not my cup of tea. The decision to go with a commercial gallery to do the selling for me was the right one for me. That's not to say I won't do the market again next year. The picture below is early in the morning when I just finished setting up my (and some of Julia's) work. The sun was shining, there was music and good food and the atmosphere was just brilliant. There was that real summer holiday feeling all weekend.


Doris said...

I really enjoy the festive aspects of many outdoor show. I'd be awful excited to see dolphins and jellyfish outside the zoo!

Suz said...

Hey, I enlarged your photo and I think I saw a work with blue shoes!
That one is sold!

It must be a very long day when you do this...maybe it's good to be with the people though...and the dolphins and jellyfish

Laura said...

How exciting for you both Julie and you.... Yes it's an experience and You've done it!!! count coup as the Natives say!!!

butterfly woman said...

Beautiful setup! Wish I was there to take a peek and ride the dolphins and take jellyfish photos. What a wonderful art environment. Now I'm really longing for exhibiting in Florida Art Fairs.
Elena, I'm doing a vision board now!!!

Deborah Ross said...

I'm with you, Uta. The selling in person is not me, either. I do love going to outdoor art fairs, though. It sounds as if this was lovely, with dolphins and jellyfish, wow. Maybe you could use them as subject matter.