Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kreativity Blogger Award

My dear blogger friend and supporter Suz of has passed on the Kreativity Blogger Award to me. I feel honoured as she is to pass it onto those blogs she enjoys reading. She passed it to me! Me, who doesn't post regularly, is bad at spelling and grammar and only rambles on about ordinary, everyday things. Now in order to accept this honour I am to tell seven interesting things about myself and pass this award onto blogs that I enjoy reading. Mmm seven things. Interesting things mmm. Seven interesting things about me. Well how about I write seven things and you decide whether they are interesting.

1. I migrated from Germany at the age of four with my parents. I was very close with my maternal grandmother and never saw her again. Sad but I call Australia home and can not imagine living anywhere else.

2. At the age of 55 I still love to play. I watch children's programs on tv and still jump in puddles with my gum boots on. I never want to grow up completely and you can't make me, so there :p.

3. I love ordinary everyday objects. They add to our sense of well being and make a house a home. I love them so much that I paint them. I paint them larger than life to lift their status. Ordinary everyday objects have stories to tell. Stories of their connection to home and family. I try to tell my stories with my paintings. Sometimes people hear them and sometimes people hear their own stories. Either way this makes me happy.

4. My mum, daughter and granddaughter are among my best friends.

5. I went to university with my daughter. We both studied art and hung out together. Julia studied visual art and I studied applied art (ceramic and glass design).

6. I would love nothing better than to live in my studio. Literally!!!!! I mean it. I would love to live amongst my art supplies in true warehouse fashion.

7. I can make a clapping sound using only one hand.

Now to the blogs I love to read. Well among them are Suz blog but she nominated me. Then there's Elena's blog but she has also been nominated by Suz. So my nominees are:

Chrissie of who makes the most amazing textile based things and makes me laugh with her wonderful sense of humour.

Laura of who is a wonderful collage/assemblage artist who shares all her wisdom and takes me on wonderful walks in the woods.

April of who is so warm and giving that you can feel yourself sink into her warm embrace whenever you read her blog.

Deborah of and who has such a love of creating that she explores everything and anything fearlessly.

Of course there are other bloggers I enjoy but life is intruding on their blogging time at the moment and so they wouldn't have time to respond. I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you all how much I enjoy our interaction. The friendships I have made through the internet and the support I receive are amazing.


Robin said...

I loved reading your 7 things!! They're all very interesting but I especially like 2, 4 and 5. And 7 has me baffled!!! How do you DO that?!??!?!

Uta said...

Hehehe Robin. Its hard to explain. I hold my wrist very stiff and my fingers very floppy. Then when I wave my arm backwards and forwards fast the fingers flop against the palm of my hand. I need to put it on YouTube. It might make me famous HA

Laura said...

congrats there lady!

Elena said...

Cool 7 things but the clapping really made me laugh because here I am trying it out! And aw thanks you mentioned me too!! You are one of my strong supporters and admire you very much.

Doris said...

I love your seven things! How great that you and Julia were in school together! Wonder if my daughter or myself might find time to do that! I'll be watching for that You Tube!

april said...

You are a sweetie pie! Thank you for your kind words. I love reading your blog too and really feel like I have known you for a long time. I am so grateful we have made this connection. And, oh gosh, I would have loved to been in school with my daughter. That's the best, Uta!

Doris said...

Yoo hoo! What ya been up to?

Laura said...

Ok I've got to tell you I miss you posts... I come by her and there's nothing new... I know I know putting you energies to great use but I do miss here and seeing from you.. so at lest give a bi weekly post now and then... so our fan's have something to talk about...