Sunday, May 15, 2011


As you know I love to paint ordinary everyday inanimate objects. They inspire me. I do however get inspired by colour as well. Sometimes I might see someone in the street wearing a certain colour combination or an advertising catalogue with this seasons latest whatever and I immediately think of those colours in a painting. I took these leaves home the other day from a walk with Jack.

The green one is the usual gum leave colour but the yellowy orange and redish orange on the other leaves made me catch my breath. Can you see them intermingled with text on a canvas? Or is it just me living in airy fairy arty world?

Today I am going out in my pyjamas! Zoe has got a pyjama skating party and I am going too. No, I am not skating (too scared of falling and hurting something) but I will be wearing my pyjamas, dressing gown and ugg boots. I don't understand why they don't make street clothes that are as comfortable as pyjamas. As soon as I return home I usually put my pyjamas on. Not only are they comfortable but they have fun patterns and colours. I have also been known to paint in my pyjamas. I don't mean to. It just sort of happens. I would love to join a wearing pyjamas in public revolution hehehe.


Suz said...

Oh I skating
I knew a painter that went skating with her daughter's class and she fell and shattered her elbow
and her career
but have fun giggling
oh ...I can see what you mean about the color and're fine

Laura said...

Oh no I see wonderful you are out walking with Jack...walking as you know has you moving forward and can't help it you thoughts go that way too. well mine do at lest...

peace babe

Jo Murray said...

Hi Uta.. Laura Lein-Svencner referred me to your blog and I'm delighted she did. Your work is lovely.

Your leaves remind of the work of a friend, a sculptor, Barry Smith. Check out his June 3 blog. He's made metal leaves like yours.

april said...


Uta said...

Hi Jo, nice to meet you. My posts are a bit far and view between at the moment. Hopefully that will rectify itself in time.

April I'm still here. Just a bit quieter :)