Monday, August 20, 2012

Alex and Meesha's Wedding

 I was given the responsibility of making sure Glenn was dressed appropriately and got to the wedding on time
 Glenn hates wearing socks and shoes but they were mandatory 

 Meesha's sister Taya, the maid of honour

 happy and proud dad

 Glenn with his daughter Taya

 sisters Meesha and Taya

 the venue

 mother of the bride, Moe

 the wedding cake

 table setting

Glenn and Moe waiting to walk their daughter down the aisle

 you may kiss the bride

 Glenn and Moe with Alex's family

 bride and groom with their parents

 Glenn giving the father of the bride toast

 father daughter dance


nacherluver said...


Uta said...


Jan said...

Thanks for posting, looks like a beautiful affair. I spotted you in someone else's photos, you were looking pretty spiffy yourself, Uta! Very elegant.

april said...

Lovely wedding; lovely purples and lavenders; lovely daughters! Meesha and Taya are beautiful. So happy to see them and Moe. Glenn, looking so handsome and love Moe's dress. A happy day!

Suz said...

beautiful bride, beautiful wedding
well groomed and dressed father of the bride...thanks UTA
buttttt.....what did you wear?

Uta said...

Well Suz its hard to be in the photos when you are the one taking them hehehe