Sunday, September 16, 2012

Homeward Bound 9th-11th September 2012

Leaving Seattle
Mt Rainier

South Australia

Adelaide Airport

Greeting Jack

Its spring ... my garden is blooming


april said...

You look wonderful and what a homecoming! All those hugs and kisses! Zoe is so happy to see you ... and oh Jack! xox

Laura said...

Well All I can do is cry looking at these picture and there tears of joy and saddness all mixed but to and in very loving way of joy for you and your adventure and You'll have to share what's changed when you get a chance.

Jan said...

Oh what a sweet homecoming! Love the picture Zoe made for you, I see the jar of Vegemite which reminds me to eat more of mine. And Jack! They are all so happy to have you back. Wistful wisteria, blooming beautifully.

nacherluver said...

You get two seasons of spring and summer in a row? Nice!

Love seeing the reunions. Happy, happy to see you they are.

Glenn Stenson said...

All pretty, yet pretty sad.

april said...

Guess we flooded the U.S.A. Again, loved the pictures and all of them below. Oh, and what's vegemite?

Uta said...

Joy to see family and friends after 3 months but sad to leave ... so sad to leave.

Suz said...

a safe return
changed forever
rest and recharge
sorry I missed you time