Friday, November 6, 2009

Very Hectic

I have been cutting back on my computer time. Its just really hectic for me at the moment. The good thing is there isn't enough time for me to eat things I shouldn't hehehe. I'm still getting ready for the Art at the Hart Artists Market. The organisers have also offered a free business workshop to help those of us who are marketing challenged to learn how to sell our work more effectively. I most definitely WILL be attending that. I have two paintings on the go at the moment. I hope to be able to show you soon. They are both about shoes of the high heeled variety. I seem to have a thing about them at the moment. Painting them not wearing them. I can't stand the discomfort of them any more hehehe. I suppose you could say I have a shoe fetish going on.

The weather is heating up and it looks like it will be too hot to work in my studio for the next four days at least :(. I will have to bring my work inside as I just can't have a break at the moment. Nor do I want to have a break at the moment. Its nearly 9pm but I think I will still do a little bit of drawing before hitting the hay.


Suz said...

Marketing....oh yes, it is a business after all.....good for you
High heel shoes....!!!!!!!!!!!
How about leopard ones with blue roses?

Doris said...

I think those shoes will go well with those lips! Looking forward to seeing them!

butterfly woman said...

Oh, I wish they offered more of those free perks here in the U.S. Guess you have to search.
Shoes, shoes everywhere shoes. Must be some symbolism and meaning here.
Uta, I remember seeing recently your daughter's photo shoot of a girl leaning against a car in high heels. And I remember my mom's boxes of high heels, each unique and dazzling.
I see a series or theme emerging, Uta. May I ask how you get inspired for new creations?

Uta said...

The shoe thing could go on and on with so many to chose from. Limited only by the imagination.

I think you may be right. Shoe would go well with the lips.

Mmm the symbolism of shoes. I think shoes keep us grounded and are the symbol of moving forward as well as a reminder of our need to be sympathetic to others like walking in someone else's shoes etc. There's really no magic in my inspiration. It just pops into my head. I might see something during the day that just sparks it off. There is subject matter all around. Some days I get so many ideas I have to write them down for those times when my brain is quieter hehehe.