Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Start of 2010

Well here we are in a new year. It slid in quite nicely. We went to a friend's farm for New Year's Eve and sat around with good food and good company until the new year was here. We slept the night and stayed most of the next day. I had forgotten how peaceful the country is. You can hear nature. The birds, the sheep or a dog barking mingled with the sound of my breathing. I don't think I hear myself breathing in the city.

The festivities are over and now its time to get back into a normal rhythm. I have my plans, I know where I am going but that first step is hard to take. I always struggle getting into the rhythm of my art making when I've had time away from it. Every morning I plan what I want to do for the day. A few chores, keep the garden cared for, some exercise and then some studio time. Well it ends up quite different. Not many chores, no gardening done and no studio time :( and another day just disappears. Oh well not to worry. In the words of Scarlet O'Hara "I will think about it tomorrow. After all tomorrow is another day." Well I am going to get off this computer right now and start some chores and see how this tomorrow pans out. I will let you know .....


Suz said...

What an attitude to begin the New Year!

Uta said...

Good or bad, Suz???

Suz said...

HA! well, to quote Ann
Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes

I say relax
get to it when you get to it
and you'll get to it when the spirit moves ya
because when the spirit moves ya
you'll do marvelous things

Uta said...

You are a gem Suz :)

Doris said...

It certainly is difficult to get back into work schedule mode after a slow relaxing break. Time changes to deal with.