Friday, January 22, 2010

This and That

Its the last week of the school holidays and Zoe was getting bored. She received roller skates from her Uncle Troy for Christmas and has been practising to skate. She found a coupon in the newspaper for a half price skating session and thought she was ready to strut her stuff. She put on her skating outfit (another Christmas present) and off we went. There was music and flashing lights to add to the atmosphere. Zoe has her sights set on roller derby when she's old enough.

Careful start.

And off we go!

A little bit of roller limbo.

Skating is very thirsty work.

With her mum Julia.
The music, the lights and the experienced skaters made me yearn to skate again. My knees just wouldn't take it now :(. Oh well at least I had the joy of watching Zoe skate.

Yesterday I went to Victor Harbor with my art buddy Mignon. We went to see the Victor Harbor Art show. I have heard about it over the years but never got around to going to see it. I didn't realise it was so big. When I say big I don't actually mean the size of it although there was a lot of art on display. I mean 'big' as in the number of people it attracts and the amount of sales. I also didn't realise the first prize was $10,000 with lesser prizes of $5,000 and $2,500 etc. Yep that's a 'must enter' for next year. I was also glad to see that a lot of nude life drawings and paintings sold. I've been worried that we may go down the path of the US where Doris says life drawings and paintings are not very well received. So much art, so much inspiration it was rather overwhelming. We had to have a break half way through and stop for coffee and cake to get our strength up to tackle the rest. The amount of sales really made my heart sing. People are buying art and at a good price, yay! It was a scorcher of a day in Adelaide again yesterday but Victor Harbor was very pleasant with a lovely sea breeze that kept things cool. We had fish and chips for lunch wrapped in paper and sat near the beach with the seagulls waiting for handouts.

On the way back home we dropped into McLaren Vale to see how my exhibition at Penny Hill winery is going. It finishes on the 9th February. I've had 4 sales, yay! As my sister told me yesterday, I'm doing better than Van Gogh as he only had one sale while he was alive hehehe. Yes, I know, sales don't make the artist but I've had a few lately and it does make me feel like I am really and truly a real artist lol.


Suz said...

Your international 'member?
Oh skating...I love to skate...nowhere arond here to skate..except if your in school
they book the rink
They stopped adult skate during the day along time ago...great exercise.
I once knew an artist who fell and shattered her elbow...wrecked her painting career
10 grand did you say..go for it

Zoe is gorgeous

Elena said...

Was there ever any doubt about you being an artist? HA! So happy for you and Zoe is such a little doll. Congrats on the sales.

Uta said...

Yes believe it or not there was/is doubts all the time. I fight them but they keep popping up even though my work is collected internationally hehehe

Laura said...

What a lovely artist Day!!! And good to see the family having such fun.. thanks for sharing.

Doris said...

What fun to go out skating! I was considering ice skating down my driveway... such a doll Zoe is!
What a great event to plan for and congrats on those sales.
P.S. I hung one of my nudes over the fireplace. Now I just need someone to stop over and see it!

april said...

Oh Zoe! I love your outfit! I really do ...and your pretty skates! Very special. I used to love rollerskating too, Uta, when I was young. When i saw these photos, I could hear the music and the activity! What good memories. And what a lovely day you had yesterday too!