Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good News

I rang the gallery last week and spoke with the director's assistant and made a time to pick up my unsold artwork. That was today. I not only got all my unsold work back but I also got a cheque. The squeaky wheel does get the most oil after all. The cheque was for less than I believe it should have been as I was charged for the cost of the second exhibition when I was told I was getting that free of charge. Not much I can do about that. I choose to look on the whole experience as a positive one as I have learned so much. Not only the things I need to look out for but the things that I expect from such a business arrangement. These are the things that will be going into my contract and anyone who wants to represent me will need to sign on my dotted line. I also gained a lot of confidence within myself. Confidence that I deserve to be treated with respect and that I deserve to be paid just like anyone else gets paid for their work. I do still have a bit of anger in me. I put my heart and soul into my work. My paintings are my story, my voice, and that in itself makes them sacred. For someone to come along and soil them, by not respecting me, has made me angry. The unsold paintings are stacked in my studio but they have lost some of their shine. They don't feel the same any more. They are soiled. This will change in time. I am just saying how I feel. I know it sounds a bit dramatic but hey, I'm an artist. Artists are a bit dramatic aren't they? Anyway today feels like I have slain a dragon. I have slain dragons before for my children. This is the first time I have slain one for myself.


Laura said...

Oh so glad to hear that the piece are home safe in the studio and payment was made... not what you expected but could have been worst right.. we learn as we go along and every event is a chance to learn...you wisdom is tallied.

Suz said...

OH Uta I'm blubbering like a baby for joy for you!
Yes indeed you have slain a dragon!
Remember that people loved your paintings and bought them..paid good (their) good money for them...
Loved that your contract will be signed! GO GIRL!
Wipe off the blood from that dragon slayer and keep it handy and near by...never again
Boy do I know what you mean about doing it for our kids and hubby..why is it so hard to do it for ourselves...I have learned this..but so late in life..But hey..life.. I still am in the game
Loved this post...made my day

Uta said...

Ladies, I felt you right there behind me when I faced that dragon and for that I thank you :)

Chrissie said...

Not something you should have had to endure Uta, but full marks for coming out stronger. I hope you soon feel more positive about your retrieved paintings, it will happen, but I certainly know how you feel now.

purplehatartist said...

Oh, Uta, I am so proud of you! I do understand how you feel about those paintings. But I am confident that the Universe has something in store that will change that.

You GO Woman!

Doris said...

Woo Hoo! Fantastic victory for the dragon slayer. I know that soiled feeling. Some of my old pieces, I changed my signature to married name. But as I changed them back, they became alive and full of pure emotion again!

april said...

Thank God!

All this that you didn't know - who would? Now you know more and hip hip hooray for you!