Monday, October 11, 2010

Road Trip to Melbourne

We had a wonderful time in Melbourne. I went with my art buddy Mignon and her husband David. We left Adelaide at 2pm and arrived in Ararat, where we were staying overnight, at about 10pm. We left the next morning before 9am and arrived in Brunswick Street, Melbourne at 12 noon. I primarily went to check out Brunswick Street Gallery where I will be having a solo exhibition next year and also to check out some galleries on Mornington Peninsula. Mornington Peninsula is just out of Melbourne.

the landscape was ablaze with yellow canola fields in full bloom

Federation Square where there is an Australian Art Gallery

Flinders Street Railway Station

Swanston Street

Yarra River

Melbourne has a network of trams

Brunswick Street

Brunswick Street Gallery

Manyung Gallery on Mornington Peninsula where I hope to exhibit one day

Jenny Pihan Gallery on Mornington Peninsula

Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite artist is Jeffrey Smart. He is an Australian artist who now lives in Tuscany. Although born in 1921 before my time, he grew up in my area. I am reading his memoirs again and when he talks about places where he grew up I know exactly where that is as I grew up there too. Anyway I love his work and one of the highlights of going to Melbourne was seeing my first ever Jeffrey Smart original!!! I got rather emotional and couldn't look concentrate on looking at any other artwork after that. I just stood in front of the painting and took in every detail.

The Melbourne trip was a real blast. I met some wonderful people and did some major networking!!! I feel like I'm getting somewhere!


Anonymous said...

O Wow! Great trip Uta, so pleased! I'm sure it'll develop into future invitations to exhibit.
I see why you love Jeffrey Smart's work. Both of you growing from the same soil, physically and artwise. Can see a strong link there.

Laura said...

Uta, Koodo's is all I can say..So proud of you and how far you gone and where your head...great directions and God Speed... (had to throw that in there)

enjoy see the photo's too.


Doris said...

Wonderful trip and congrats on the exhibit opportunity! If I make it rich next year, I'll head over to Brunswick Gallery to see your show!

Uta said...

Thanks again for your ongoing support ladies :)

Barbara said...

It sounds like you had a great trip and a very productive one ... in more ways than one. The networking is so good. I am amazed at the photos ... everything here is going dormant and everything around you is in bloom. Very beautiful.
Good luck and best wishes,