Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Started

I have resigned myself to the fact that the festive season means about 6 weeks of slow to no movement in the studio. Instead of fighting it I have made allowances for it. Now I face the problem of getting started again. Its hard to get back into a proper routine of household chores and studio work. Basically, I am procrastinating. I just can't find a start. Even now I am sitting here on the computer when I should be working. The weather doesn't help. Its forecast to be 36 degrees Celsius today (about 97F) and that is just too hot for the studio. It really heats up in there when the sun beats down on the tin roof. Still that is no excuse. There are plenty of things I can do towards my artwork without having to be in the studio. I could set up some still live displays and photograph them ready for a painting. I could bring some work inside and start on some backgrounds. The list goes on. But I sit here sighing and typing away trying to find a really good excuse not to start. I have a busy year ahead of me so I must pull myself together and just do it! START!


Doris said...

Off the stool and into the studio! Get going!

Laura said...

Hi Uta...I can totally relate..I share with my student..what gives me blocks...and they were totally surprised that I get blocked and that I would share about that...

right now I've got a big project that I had to do some morning writing about and facing some of the fears on paper and saying a few prayers and breaking it down to manageable pieces...just cleaning up the studio is a start...making a plan writing out the plan is a start too...so as you are sharing I right with ya...the beauty is we go through it and come out on the other side...your not a quiter...just look at the doubt as a step back to prepare that's all..regrouping the creative energies in the right place to that you can bust a move on it...and you will!

Yes that those are the words...I will blah..blah...I will blah....blah...and then before you know it you've done it..

well you know what you have to do..Your a woman my gosh so have at it..


butterfly woman said...

Hi Uta,
Don't push the creative spirit. It's just hibernating a bit. I love your profile pic here, sorry I haven't been around for a while, but I moved to a new place and life was crazy for awhile.
Stay cool, maybe paint something with cool objects in it.
Here in Illinois the snow is melting a tad....

Uta said...

Hehehe Doris, I can hear you yelling from all the way over there in the US. "Yes ma'am, I'm off the stool ma'am" ***add salute and standing to attention here***

Laura, thank you for your wise words. Its good to know I'm not alone.

Hi ya Bev, hope all the craziness melts away with the snow. Hot hot hot here :)