Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Backgrounds

Here is a sneak peek at the new backgrounds I have been playing around with. I have been trying out a different technique. Not sure how much detail you can see on the computer screen but I left the pics large for a closer look. I still think I might add some text as it seems to have become one of my trade marks and I do love text whether it be printed or hand written.

For the blue background I plan to paint some red poppies on the top. Of course they will be larger than life. This canvas is what I call my small size 60.9x50.8cm (24"x20").

The red one doesn't seem to show all the detail that can be seen in real life. This one is for a painting of cutlery. A fork, a knife and a spoon with their all important shadows, much larger than life of course as the canvas is 50.8x76.2cm (20"x30"). Again some text still needs to be added using the image transfer method.

With this heat we are having (42.9 degrees Celsius yesterday, thats just over 109 degrees Fahrenheit) I have just been working on backgrounds. Backgrounds are about splashing paint and stamping etc. Its more like intuitive play and that seems to suit these hot days where concentration levels are at a low.


Suz said...

Hi Uta, thanks for stopping by for a visit...I was just thinking of you this mornignas I dusted my treasure!!! I still love it..love it love it.....forever
Oh this blizzard is coming...it's actually kinda of exciting...everyone is getting ready to hunker in....there is a buzz in the air at the market
I don't like swelter either

april said...

Love your backgrounds, Uta! You must explain! Oh, and here this morning it is 6 below! The blizzard was beautiful, but oh my the shoveling out.

Laura said...

small steps are leading to some great back grounds...looking good lady..
We have the totally opposites with the weather...to bad we can't switch it up a bit and come to a bit of balance...

Deborah Ross said...

Uta, I hope you arent still sweltering there! Love the way your backgrounds are shaping up....can't wait to see the finished work. I feel the urge to paint again, too.

Doris said...

Sending a few inches of snow! Love those backgrounds, look forward to the poppies and cutlery!