Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why Is It???

Why is it the more I move forward with my art, the less time I get to spend on actually creating art??? More and more the business side of things demand attention while my poor lonely easel stands there waiting for me. Brushes laying there discarded suggesting that once a painter stood here painting. I yearn to paint and yet I need to prepare for this and prepare for that and send yet another response to a business email. More things are added to my "to do" list than are crossed off. No wonder artists are perceived as irresponsible. Its because we just can't fit it all in. SHEESH!!!


Chrissie said...

Ha ha - get up earlier!! :-))
Chrissie x

Uta said...

Aw come on Chrissie I get up at 5:30am. Give a girl a break hehehe. Miss you girl!!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Uta, I went through the same thing for a couple of years and last year was the breaking point for me. (as in, almost a nervous breakdown) Of course *Big C* stepped in to SLOW me down.
I think, really, it is almost impossible to do everything now required of a working artist and not feel like you are deprived of making art.
Maybe it's time to reassess what really is the best benefit to you and what would free up some minutes here and there.
*Making it* doesn't always end up meaning *Making Art*.....*sigh*


Uta said...

Yep I hear ya Anne. I have 3 months of reassessing coming up. When I get back home I will have a clearer picture .... I hope hehehe

Elena said...

Less Play! More Work! Do you need me to come by with the whip and keep ya focused? teehee

Uta said...

Ooh a whip ..... okay

Laura said...

HI Uta,

hear ya loud and clear... setting schedule time to do the papers work and networking and reachout calls and other day for must creating in the studio and stick took it is easier said then done...but making a try at it or simply movement in that direction always helps...and then leave room for the unexpected wild and wonderful fun things...reality is artist are self empolyeed and we are the ones that know our work and how we work...important to get self days off now and then too..

find what work for you and work it babe!

so happy for you and proud.

Doris said...

What to say... wish I had more time in my day.