Saturday, November 24, 2012

Down Memory Lane

I had to delete some of my old blog posts as I had used up all my blogger storage space. I saved them onto my external hard drive before deleting. I can't believe how many wonderful memories there are on here. Zoe just turned 11 yesterday. I started this blog 2 months before her 6th birthday. The pics that were on here of her were so adorable. She looked so small. She is quite grown up now and reading her first Dolly magazine. I remember when I got the first ever issue back in 1970 when I was a teenager. Where has time gone??? Julia always loved that magazine too and she bought Zoe her first copy as part of her birthday present. Tick tick tick, time just keeps rolling on doesn't it. I remember when I first made friends in cyber space. We shared our lives with each other, watched our families grow up through emails and through our blogs. Close bonds were formed without ever meeting in person. Amazing isn't it??? Even more amazing I got to meet you guys in person this year. I still can't believe it. It all came about through typing words on a little screen and sending them off into cyber space. Wow!

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april said...

I know - it's all sure worth saving. I tell my kids that some day they will enjoy reading it all...and looking at those pictures if I can ever get some more back on. Have you tried to post any more yet? Maybe it takes them a day or two to readjust your account???