Sunday, November 4, 2012

Exhibition Concept

As everyone who reads my blog knows, this year I met my online American friends - The Tribe. We originally came together on a group blog reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. All artists in one form or another we soon forged a close bond - a bond that went deeper than our artistic endeavours. One of the tribe shared his writing with us. We were all eager to read more. Chapter by chapter Glenn shared his story with us. Being an artist I began to visualize each scene. I was inspired ... my imagination was set alight. As text plays an important roll in my artwork I asked if I could possibly use Glenn's words in the paintings that were inspired by his story. He kindly agreed and our collaboration was born. I soon realised that a body of work inspired by a writer's story would make and excellent exhibition concept. I decided to lodged a proposal with Gallery M. The proposal went as follows:

The theme/concept for this exhibition has been inspired by a writer friend who shares with me, chapter by chapter, his journey writing a novel. Although fiction, I sense the writer’s struggle to rediscover how to fully live again after years of being lost and trapped in the lives of others and finally reclaiming his own identity. His words ‘paint’ images on the page that are so vivid in my mind that I want to put them on canvas for others to see. In the form of still life, interpretation of place and some portraiture, the proposed body of work is my portrayal of the writer’s novel. As text and language are prominent features in my work, the writer has given his kind permission to use his words in the background of my paintings. This not only adds to the visual complexity, but also hints at the layers of meaning and links directly to the writer’s story within.

It was accepted and the exhibition entitled 'From the Gallery Walls of the Imagination' opens on February 8th 2013.

Glenn has recently finished writing his book and is now in the process of publishing. He is recalling his 'book birthing' and how The Tribe met, which is an interesting story in itself. You can follow along on his blog Astute.


Jan said...

Wish I could be present for the birth of your upcoming art exhibition. I am so excited to be sitting on the sidelines, watching this process happen.

Uta said...

I was counting on you to come Jan hehehe. Well if you can't come we will have to think of a way to get the exhibition to the U.S won't we??? I'm working on it ...