Friday, April 3, 2009

Little Miss Series

mixed media on canvas
91.4x60.9cm (36"x24")

mixed media on canvas
91.4x60.9cm (36"x24")

mixed media on canvas
91.4x60.9cm (36"x24")

mixed media on canvas
91.4x60.9cm (36"x24")


the deevine miss m said...

You've done a beautiful job with this series! Who would have thought such an everyday pose would be so expressive? You just keep inspiring me to think a little harder, Uta... thank you!

Laura said...

Ok you have fallen into your special place with these lady!!! Just loving them all. Isn't fun to do a series? So how many more do you have to finish now? Sorry don't mean to put added pressure on but it so exciting across the big waters to watch you crank them out. What a power house!!! go uta go!

Doris said...

Just love them!

Uta said...

Thanks Ladies. Five to go with six weeks till delivery next Tuesday.

april said...

Just adorable! Wonderful artwork - the legs are so three-dimensional. So lifelike. A great idea, Uta!

butterfly woman said...

Love the legs, very lifelike. I can almost see them changing position on each canvas. Ha, ha. And the titles for each are so appropriate. I've seen series with eyes before, but the feet series seems very original and unique. I like quirky myself and can relate to the feet. Used to be prim and coy now quirky. Ah, the cycles of growth!!A good thing. How's Zoe like your creations of her feet?

Anonymous said...

The paintings are great - they look alive.

Julie (uk) said...

Well worth waiting for! I agree, you've made the poses so expressive and I just love the little highlights on the shoes and the details and trimmings on the socks. I hope they sell as a group, wouldn't they look great, all together along a big wall?

Jane said...

oooh!very lifelike.very beautiful job with this series!Just love them!