Monday, June 15, 2009


It was the last day of 'Peeking Through Someone Else's Window' yesterday so today its time to dismantle it. I'm not sure on the final sales but last count I know I've made enough to buy a nice shining new laptop and some wireless broadband. I've never had a new computer before. Only ever had old hand-me-downs that were made in the dark ages. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the hand-me-downs but I've outgrown this poor old computer that's struggling with the new technology more than I am hehehe. Mixed feelings about today. I'm really happy about bringing my work home. I've missed it (silly I know) and feel strange that I'm losing some of it because its sold. Here I am making work and hoping to make money from it and yet I'm reluctant to let it go. These works are very personal pieces that have been inspired by particular people and situations in my life. On the other hand I'm rejoicing that people have thought enough about my work to buy it and have it in their daily lives. Artists are strange people aren't they? Can't please some of them hehehe.

I am happy to announce that I have pulled myself out of the doldrums. I faced a giant fear. I sent an email to a commercial gallery I'm interested in, enquiring how to go about exhibiting there and being represented by them. They replied stating I was to email my cv, artist statement and images of my work and if they think my work suits their vision for the gallery they will let me know. My inner censor grew very loud, telling me I was silly to try, that I wasn't good enough and who do I think I am trying to get into a gallery like that etc etc etc. But guess what??? I pressed the 'send' button anyway woohoo! Of course I had trouble breathing afterwards and thoughts of 'what have I done' were swirling around my head but this morning I feel very proud of myself. I faced a fear and stood up to my inner censor and that's a step in the right direction no matter what the outcome.

I went on a photo shoot with Julia yesterday. I was the photographers assistant which means I carry the camera bag and watch out for traffic so no one gets run over. Oh yeah and I also got to drive the car to and from the location hehehe. We headed off to Port Adelaide with two young models, Jai and Adrian. It was a cold stormy winter's day and we were hoping the forecast of torrential rain would hold off till the photo shoot was done. Port Adelaide has some amazing old industrial buildings with raised loading platforms and lovely old stone or red brick walls. Some of the loading platforms had 'no parking' painted underneath and there were bits of broken glass etc strewn around to add to the atmosphere. It was perfect for that young urban street culture look that Julia was aiming for. The models were easy to work with and changed clothes in the freezing conditions without complaint. And yes the rain held off. We were in the car about two minutes when it bucketed down. A good fun day.

Well I'd better stop rambling. I'm off to dismantle!

My Unprofessional Photos of the Photo Shoot Location

To check out Julia's new work click here and here


Anonymous said...

Well done Uta... glad you're back and hope the gallery have their 'sensible heads on' and snap you up immediately x

Anonymous said...

PS Julia's photos are amazing!!! Of course having the Distinguished Assistant helped... :)

Uta said...

Wouldn't it be great to get a call from the gallery???

Ha distinguished assistant, will have to tell Julia that one :)

Anonymous said...

The location looks great. I have my veggie garden outside the town. There is only a field path to the garden. Most of the time only Sally and I are out there. One day a car came with a good looking man, asking for the old weir systems. They were built under Hiltler´s regime but distroyed during the second word war. Only some old walls are left. So I showed him the direction. I was so curious and after he came back I asked him, if he had found what he was looking for. And guess what? He found it and he wants it for a photo location.

Uta said...

Sounds like a great location for a photo shoot Biggi.

april said...

Your photos are great, Uta! Love the colors in the last one!

Doris said...

So good to hear you out on photo shoots...nice art date! Woo Hoo on kicking that censors butt! It'll be easier next time!