Friday, June 26, 2009

Glorious Fresh Food

I suppose you think I've been a bit of a snob lately. No new post for ages! Life is just rolling along, one day after another and I feel like nothing really interesting has happened for me to blog about. Does anyone else ever go through that??? Well today being Friday means its shopping day. I usually go to the market but felt I should put in another morning at gym so I shopped locally instead. When I saw all my lovely fresh fruit and vegetables sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be put away, I just had to take a picture. We are really lucky to have all this glorious fresh food to eat.

I have been reading the memoirs of one of my favourite artists, Jeffrey Smart. He's still considered an Australian artist even though he now lives in Tuscany. He grew up in the area where I live and when he describes the things he did and the places he hung out I can totally relate. I hung out in the same places as a kid only it would've been some 30 to 40 years later. It makes me feel very close to him. He went to school in the school down the road and he even became an art teacher in Goodwood Technical High School (always known as Goody Tech). Its closed now but it was always of interest to me as a teenager as it was a school for boys hehehe. Anyway I think I might be able to get a few more chapters in before dinner time so I'll be off. Its winter so its ok to lay about inside where its nice and warm reading books isn't it?


Anonymous said...

The vegetables looks very tasty. We had cauliflower today - we made it with potatoes - an indian dish.

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Food in the new series?