Thursday, June 18, 2009

This and That

Zoe is coming for dinner tonight. Her Mum and Dad are going out to a comedy show so Bob and I are baby sitting. We are very excited because there's no school tomorrow (pupil free day) which means Zoe can sleep over and go to the market with me tomorrow. Zoe still loves to sleep in grandmas bed. I wonder how long before its not cool to do that any more. I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

I went to Ikea today with my Mum and Julia. We had lunch there. I love those Swedish meatballs. I must confess I did buy something. I bought one of those tables specially designed to hold a laptop. Yes I'm getting ready for the new laptop. As soon as I get the money for the artwork I sold I will be off to buy me a brand spanking never been owned by anyone computer. I will be able to talk to the world from the comfort of my warm bed on a cold winter's morning or from the garden in springtime.

The big shed cleanup is finally getting closer. The holdup has been taken care of. I'm going to be ruthless and throw out everything that's not nailed down hehehe. Then I'm setting up my brand new studio. I've outgrown the corner of the bedroom and need somewhere I can make a huge mess. I say shed but its really more than that. Its quite a large workshop that my dad built complete with its own toilet. I think Bob is worried that I will never come inside again. Maybe he's right.


Laura said...

Oh but let Bob know you well be very happy to see him when you do come out and a visit now and then would be a nice surprise.

Doris said...

SO excited about the new laptop! Farmtown will still crash though! Too many people on that server!