Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nothing Much to Report

I have still been working cleaning out the shed. I can't believe its taken so long. There was a lot of junk in there as Bob and I are both hoarders. Bob is worse though hehehe. I haven't done any art for about two weeks I reckon. All I do is household chores, go to gym and back to the shed. Well I suppose it took years to get in that state, so its not going to get cleared up in a flash is it? My fingers are itchy. They need to get covered in paint and gel medium so I feel an art day coming up real soon. I will take a break from the clean-up and just immerse myself in the activity of painting. I haven't even used my new easel yet. I just have a half finished painting sitting on it. It's time I finished it!

Julia said its about time I had a new profile pic so she came over tonight and did a photo shoot with me. I decided to wear my art clothes, complete with paint splotches and do the shoot in my studio. Can't wait to see the pics but it will be awhile as Julia is still editing photos from earlier shoots and needs to finish those before doing mine.

Well its nearly 10.30pm and I'm yawning so its time I went to sleep I reckon, goodnight .....


Laura said...

went back to take a peek at the piece on the esasel is that a mail pail or tall bucket I see???

Doris said...

Looking forward to seeing new profile pictures... although we like the one you've got! That new easel must not be intimidating! Go spill some paint on it!

butterfly woman said...

I agree with Doris. Always love to see your smiling face. Now I did see a few photos of you and your studio on Facebook. Got a sneak peak! Julia is quite creative with her photo taking, esp. that overhead shot.

Get those itchy art fingers onto a painting project. We are waiting for a new unveiling!

Uta said...

You are just going to have to wait till I finish it hehehe. Ok I'll tell you. Its an old jug that used to belong to Bob's Mum and it will be filled with wooden spoons that are casting a great shadow on the wall behind.

That new easel is not intimidating. We made friends a long time ago when I used to visit it in the art shop hehehe.

Yes you saw the pics on Facebook. Julia couldn't wait and edited them straight away for me to post.