Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Photo Shoot

Here's the photos from my photo shoot with Julia. I'm in my studio wearing my painting clothes.

Photography by Julia Thomas


Chrissie said...

Great photos - I love the one of you close up at the (big!) easel.

Laura said...

Oh Uta great photo's, I shared with the hubby this morning your family pictures on the blog and it brought a big smile.

good to see the action shots

Doris said...

Very nice, we get to meet the real you and more glimpses into that studio! Love the onions!

Uta said...

Thanks guys :)

Anonymous said...

Your studio is very nice!! I have only a writing desk to do my paintings. That desk is in the living room - I have made a mess on the carpets and wall to wall carpets. I try to hide the spots with new small carpets.
The fotos are great!

april said...

Photos are great! And just love those onions! Everything looks so organized. Tell me, where do you store your papers for your collaged backgrounds? I need to get better organization in my art room! By the way, received my "Red Bubble" delivery earlier this week. They did a lovely job -just love it, Uta!

Uta said...

I used to do my art on a desk in the corner of my bedroom but I have outgrown that now. I too have paint on my bedroom floor.

I have a big folder that I keep my papers in. You know like a folio. I also use a lot of book pages from old books and I keep them in a crate so I don't mix them up with my good books. I'm glad the print turned out well from RedBubble. :)