Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Much Pizza and Cake

Its a week later and here we are again for my birthday this time. Too much pizza and cake!!!

ok everyone - model pose

now you see us

now you don't
deep breath ... blow


Elena said...

Happy, happy birthday!!

butterfly woman said...

Never can send you too many birthday wishes. I looked at that top photo and thought wow what a crooked cake, still looked delicious. As my eyes moved down the photos, it became a hat. Too much fun at your parties, Uta, hope your wishes come true!
By the way, I could really get used to pizza and cake every day. Yum!

april said...

Happy Birthday, Uta! Your card will be late (as all my mail has been for the last couple of months!) Sorry! You are on my calendar and I am thinking about you today. Love that group photo!

Laura said...

What a great bunch and loving the good old fashion fun that was capture on the photos. Made me laugh a good one for you all.


Doris said...

And many many more pizza and cake dates!

Sally+Biggi said...

Happy Birthday from Germany!!! Seems you had a great day!