Sunday, February 14, 2010

Art, Text and Dilapidated Buildings

My Mum always told me the older you get the quicker time goes. I remember when I was a child and my birthdays took so long to come around and Christmas felt like it came every two years instead of one. Now in my fifties whoosh another day flies by and whoosh another month, another year. So far this year has been a year of caring for others and not much time for art.

Things have to change. There are art ideas bubbling up inside me and they will explode out the top of my head if I don't get some paint on canvas soon. I did go and buy a large canvas. I have never painted one this big before. Its nearly as tall as me reaching to just under my nose from the ground 152.4x101.6cm (60"x40"). I only have a little car so getting it home was amusing. I'm still on the abandoned or run down building theme so a dilapidated door, peeling paint, padlock, keep out signs could be on the cards, watch this space hehehe.

Along with my dilapidated building series I will also continue with developing my skills in the art of portraiture. I went to an exhibition and was inspired by a portrait I saw there. Up close you could see the paint daubs that depicted the features. The shapes and light and shade that all together formed the image of a person's face. That's what I'm aspiring to. Looser shapes and experimenting with different colours and of course text, I always like to add text. I am very hopeful that we will have some cooler days in the coming week so I can spend time in my otherwise too hot studio. That big canvas is calling me .....


Elena said...

OOOH 60x40!!! I'm creeping around a 36x48 canvas that I bought and have no idea how to approach. It'll be great to see yours completed and I love the sounds of your "dilapidated" ideas. You sound like you're going through a bit of what Suz is...with life invading your "me" space. But awareness is probably the first step. And you went for the canvas and gallery tour so that's great. Hugs Uta...may you get back into the studio soon.

Laura said...

Your ability is established, you have tapped in your well of creativeness and yes time passes and new will beginning again... You know it all to well when you meet again paper, paint and brush to canvas what a dance you will make...I have faith in this... good orderly directions.

Uta said...

Aw you guys just make me smile. You help me push forward all the time. Thank you, big kiss mwa :)

Doris said...

You know, I immediately had the image in my mind of the No Trespassing sign in in the church window that was only open on Sundays. Can't wait to see what's stirring the pot!

Suz said...

If we do nothing Uta, time still
flies we might as well get busy

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Uta said...

There's a lot stirring in the pot. I just need to get it on the canvas hehehe.

I am busy (I think). Just don't seem to have much to show for it :)

I'm glad I could save your day again. Wish I knew how I did that and wish I knew who you were. Mmm could you be Ruth who commented on my work on RedBubble?????