Monday, February 22, 2010

Its Festival Time

The Adelaide Festival of Arts is here again. Performing and visual art everywhere. In every nook and cranny, wherever there is a little space something is going on. Of course if the festival is here then so is The Fringe where the weird and the wonderful come from all over the globe to fill our little city and show us what they can do. Adelaide is alive with the buzz of performing and visual art literally everywhere. Friday night was the opening parade of The Adelaide Fringe.

80,000 people flocked to the city on a hot and balmy evening
Julia, Zoe and I were among them

descendants of the original owners of the land sang and played didgeridoo
the reason Zoe wanted to go to the opening - the roller derby girls

she wants to join roller derby when she's old enough

she practises every Saturday and keeps skating even with blisters
is she old enough yet???

big dinosaurs
a bit scary Zoe thought

is that Marilyn???

inside a bubble

disabled people joined the parade
smiling and waving and having a great time

different performers enticing you to come to their show

yes! say it with art woo!!!

oh my, their mothers must hold their breath

that was fun!

and Zoe even got a butterfly with flashing lights


Suz said...

looks like a blast
what a cutie she is

Laura said...

Oh what a fun time by all.. good to see all the adults having fun like your Zoe..

Doris said...

What a wonderful festival! Say it with art! Woo Woo! Zoe is growing fast!

Elena said...

Oh it sounds like a wonderful time! Great photos, thanks for sharing.

Deborah Ross said...

What fun! Zoe looks so happy and so cute. Cool butterfly.

april said...

What a celebration! Zoe is growing up. And I see where her darling little roller skating outfit she had on that day would fit right in with the derby girls! Beautiful pictures - so exciting!