Friday, February 26, 2010

Knock Knock

Yesterday was an extremely productive art day with my buddy Mignon. I finished the painting I was working on and started on a new one. It was such a good day we decided to have two art days this week with the next one scheduled for Sunday.

As you know I have a love of dilapidated buildings and recently became inspired by ghost signs. I wanted to try and capture the essence of ghost signs and incorporated them into my dilapidated building series. However as you can see below I zoomed in much too far and left no room for the ghost sign. So your role in all of this is to imagine the ghost sign somewhere up above the painting to the right hehehe. Can you see it??? It seems to be a trade mark of mine to zoom in on the details and make them larger than life. Maybe the ghosts signs will emerge somewhere down the track in another painting. And if not that's ok too as long as I'm painting.

The Red Door
mixed media on canvas
60.9x50.8cm (24"x20")


Laura said...

Soooo sooo great lady!! just love it dearly.

Suz said...

Oh it has a face like my grandpa's shed doorknob! it
two days of arting...lucky world

Elena said...

Ok Uta I've decided I want to spend a few weeks with you so you could teach me. I've been lucky being able to study under Laura. So now it's your turn.
Absolutely beautiful!!

Uta said...

Thanks Laura :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees faces Suz.

I want to study under Laura too :(
If you have any questions I will gladly share all I know.

Doris said...

It's fantastic! I love old wood almost as much as roots. Takes me back to the farm I remember so fondly!

april said...

Beautiful! I can hear the rusty latch and feel the paint peeling. I want to be in on those lessons!

Marjorie said...

I love your close-ups! The ghost sign will appear in another work! And yes, good you accomplished something if your in the doldrums (with inspirations for new work) That will come too I'm sure! Somehow my classes I go to usually help me just do something! I'm not too good at self discipline in working. Hubby says I get too distracted! Huh