Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art in Pyjamas

Do you ever have one of those days where you rush off to the studio in your pyjamas, only to do one thing, and before you know it its mid morning and you are still in your pyjamas? That's bliss on a stick isn't it? And just what I needed! We have had a little financial down time and that always throws things out of balance. Bob's work has been a little slow. It is however picking up now and things are getting back on track. There will even be a little money for some much needed canvas real soon.

I must take a photo of my retro wallpaper painting. I struggled with it a bit but its finished. If I were to do it over again there would be a few things that I would do different but over all it looks ok. I've started another painting today which will just have a hint of retro wallpaper in it. Well that's the plan anyway. Its going to have a set of three Beswick flying ducks. Yep real retro cheesiness. Don't get me wrong I love retro stuff. Hey, I grew up with it!

So picture three of these ducks in descending sizes with a bit of retro wallpaper pattern intermingled with my usual background technique. I think its hilarious! Imagine having a painting of the flying ducks hanging on the wall instead of the real thing, HA! Ok maybe its just my humour :)


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

hehehe I have WHOLE days where I stay in my pjs then take a shower and get back into clean pj's lol
look forward to seeing your painting

Doris said...

I think it will be a phenomenal painting! Wish I had some PJ days.

Uta said...

I wish I had enough nerve to wear them out in public hehehe.

Doris said...

I used to drive the kids to school in jammies. They were very concerned that I might get out of the car, well at least I wasn't in curlers.

april said...

Fabulous, Uta! and what fun these are! Love them.