Friday, November 5, 2010


Zoe's teacher thought a celebration of a successful year of learning would be better spent sailing on the One And All and a lot healthier than having a party with a lot of junk food.

waiting to get on board

the deck

the captain giving some safety instruction
pulling on the jack rope or the halyard (can't remember which) to hoist the sail

yay! the sail is up

some of the 13 crew on board

aren't the portholes cute

I love the masts and took too many photos of them

Zoe at the helm actually steering the ship

getting rigged up with a harness to climb over the side of the ship

ready to climb over the side

scrambling towards the bowsprit

climbing over the bowsprit

and back along the other side

some ropes

more ropes and a pulley

aw its time to get on the bus and head back to school

I took way too many photos of ropes and pulleys and masts and other sorts of rigging. I love ropes. I must go through those photos properly. Maybe there is a painting in there somewhere. Mmm a painting of ropes with a nice wooden pulley .... yeah that could work ...


Suz said...

Smokers! what a fabulous adventure
what a great teacher!
not sure about the guy with the green hairdo...
I would have been a wreck watching her climb
but I'm older than you...nothing better to do I guess
What a day!

Doris said...

PHENOMENAL! Wish I had that experience before fears settled in. Still would like to experience it though.

Chrissie said...

What a brave girl! And, yup, lets see some paintings of ropes and pulleys.

Laura said...

wonderful..the guts your granddaugher has about hang over the side..bottle that up and save it for her later and reminder her of that when times of come a scaren.. what a wonderful experience you get to have with her...Zoe is such a good a lucky duck of a grandma..:)