Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Note to Self

Stop under estimating your own abilities and being frightened of failure and instead find ways to boost your confidence and being kinder to yourself. Once you start to believe in yourself, success and happiness will surely follow.


meeta said...

I remind myself while facing every new tough situation only to forget it next tym ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know you at all but I completely understand. These are the things I stuggle to remember every day. Fight the negativity ^-^

Doris said...

I believe in you!

Uta said...

Hi Meeta,
I keep forgetting too.

And to my anonymous commenter, it really helps to know there are people out there who understand, thank you :)

Nothing to say except thank you. I will try not to let you down :)

Suz said...

you have nothing to fear
you are that good my dear
We got your back..don't worry

Barbara said...

I think you are not alone in all that you are feeling, moving past is the challenge for me ... keep on going!
Very best wishes,

Uta said...

Thanks Suz :)

and thanks for the best wishes Barbara :)