Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Its Zoe's 7th birthday celebrations today. Its the first year she isn't having a party with all her friends. Instead its a family affair. We are heading off to Semaphore foreshore. Its a surprise. Zoe doesn't know where we are going. Semaphore has an amusement park which includes water slide, bouncy castle, carousel etc. It also has a train ride through the sand dunes. So on the list is hat, towel, bathers and camera. After we play we are having a late lunch at the Palais. Its very popular. Its a beautiful art deco building built in 1922. We tried to book for lunch for Zoe's birthday two weeks ago but was booked out till 3pm, hence the late lunch. Will have to snack on ice cream while I wait heehehe. The later time will actually work out better as that's when the live band starts. Anyway time with the family, the beach, amusement park, live band and a meal in a beautiful old building. What more could I ask for :).

I have had a week off from my art work to give my home a really deep clean that's been well overdue. Back in the studio now yay. Below is the background finished for my new piece. A title hasn't come to me yet. It will have green apples in it and its reminiscent of the time my kids were little and I used to bake apple pie on Sunday and have the neighbours over for afternoon tea. Mmm hot apple pie with freshly whipped cream melting over the top.

Still can't get in the habit of posting at night. I'm just too tired by then. Am toying with the idea of getting up earlier so I can fit it all in in the morning. I get up at 6am now. I don't mind getting up early now the weather is warm but in winter it will be a different story.


april said...

Mmmmmmmmm the start of your piece is yummy already! It's warm and bright and cheery and is like a sweet shoppe or a pie kitchen!

And look at Zoe! What a sweetie. She is growing up so much, even since the little time I have known you. What a wonderful birthday surprise and nice day that is planned! Can't wait to hear about it.

And look at how energenic you have been with cleaning your house! I am in a complete upset here, with the painter and all!

butterfly woman said...

What a beautiful beaming smile on Zoe. She is priceless. Her birthday sounds like a real treat for her and whole family. A day she'll remember. I am loving the pinks of this piece. It does have a sweet tasty effect to it. And I'm drooling for that apple pie. Can you talk a bit about procedures or materials used here in the beginning. I love the little swirly squiggles throughout. Very energetic. I'm already envisioning apples on it. Guess I'm really into this, huh? Love the meanings behind your pieces, makes me connect more.

Doris said...

What a precious little girl and she looks like you! (Without her front teeth of course!) Wonderful day for many memories.
I also was reminded of pie looking at your background...I was thinking the cherry pie I had for lunch.

Laura said...

Great back ground and good choice of colors for the green apple you are talking about to place in there. As for you little princess, she is a doll, love the dimples, they win me over every time.

Deborah Ross said...

I can't wait to see what you put on this background. And Zoe is just adorable. I love it when they lose the teeth. So cute.
And could you tell us how you set up a background? Thanks