Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not Ready for the Heat

Forecast is for 37C (98.6F). The place is closed up and air conditioner is on. Too hot to go out and do anything. This year has gone so quickly and the heat is upon me before I'm ready for it. Can you ever be ready for it? Its not all bad. With the heat comes more barbecues, walks on the beach in the evening to try and get a little cool breeze, more swimming, less clothes and all those delicious summer fruits like peaches, watermelon, rock melon, strawberries etc etc etc. Yeah summer isn't that bad after all.


april said...

That does sound good, Uta, especially when it is getting pretty cold here. I'm getting out the hats and mittens. I do enjoy all the seasons though, for the beauty that each one holds. But mentioning the fresh fruit makes my mouth water!

Doris said...

Mine too! We had some beautiful fall weather and it seems it's gone till next year! Would love a walk on the beach!

Uta said...

Would love to walk on the beach and eat fruit with you both :)