Friday, November 7, 2008


Its Friday already and that means market day. The weather is slowly heating up and making me weary. I usually enjoy going to the market but can't seem to get into gear this morning. I know what it is. I've been overeating again and exercising less. I've worked out that I have this cycle where I look after myself really well, eat correctly and exercise. That's when my confidence is up and I'm very productive creatively. Then I sabotage myself and start overeating, do less exercise, put on weight and confidence drops. This is when I usually become less productive. Well the last few days I have been overeating and my confidence is dropping. Starting to question my abilities etc etc; doubts and fears entering my mind. Need to get back on track before it takes its toll on my productivity. So today is market day. Will only buy healthy fresh food and get back on track.


Laura said...

Your aware of it Uta, good step. you understand yourself better it seems and how you work. You know what you need to do and regrouping is good. I do this all the time and understand what your going through.


Doris said...

I used to start the day with exercize...the pages have taken that opening from me. What's a girl to do?

Uta said...

Thanks for you words Laura.

You can't do it all Doris. You exercise when you ride your bike and when you take your walks and from the look of your picture you look mighty fine :)