Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today is a day to take care of the business side of things. Going off the Gallery M to pay our deposit and to give them photos of our current work, artist statements and some ideas for our invitations. Its about 25 weeks till our exhibition opens. Time goes so quickly. It will be here before you know it. I want all new work so I have to stay on my toes and make sure I do some artwork every day. This morning I finished the apple piece. I now need to buy more art supplies as I'm out of canvases. That's another job for today, go to the art shop and try not to buy more than I need hehehe.

Fading Apples
collage, acrylic paint and conte on canvas
50.8x60.9cm (20"x24")


Laura said...

An Apple a day!

This is wonderful, Hubby took a pick at it as he walked by this morning and thought is was a great piece.

Good to hear of your progress.

Uta said...

Aw thank you.

april said...

It's yummy! Another beauty.

butterfly woman said...

Totally cool. Soft psstel colors in apples nice way to connect to background. And love how the apples are off center and merging off the edges.Makes me want to reach into canvas and take a bite of apple. But I won't. So interesting that way.Love how your series is going.
You go, girl!

Doris said...

Another great piece! A gift of apples.

Uta said...

Thanks ladies for your on going support. Its much appreciated.