Sunday, December 7, 2008


The movie Australia is absolutely fabulous. Aboriginal spirituality was seen in a wonderful light and told with such sensitivity. The controversy of the stolen generation was also addressed hip hip hurray! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole movie! Its set in 1939 and shows the rugged beauty of the Australian outback up north. The cinematography is breathtakingly amazing. It has romance, it has war, it has villains, history, spirituality and the injustice of prejudice. Will definitely wait for that one to be out on dvd. It must be seen on the big screen to really appreciate the cinematography to its fullest though!

We are looking after Evan today and I have asked Zoe if she would like to come too. Both grandchildren for the whole day is grandma heaven :)


Laura said...

So gald to hear of the report on the movie I do want to see it. Soon I hope,

Doris said...

Sounds like Grandma heaven! I'll probably not see the movie till it comes out on DVD. Never fits into the schedule or finances. But am anxious for its release.