Friday, December 12, 2008

Its Raining

Its summer and its rained all day. Its been lovely! However when you are in a drought you cringe at all the water pouring down the gutters and not being caught. We haven't had any real heat yet. I'm not complaining. The weather has been glorious. Warm but not hot. Our gutters need cleaning. The water is overflowing so I've got all my buckets out catching the water. I keep getting soaked but its worth it. Water restrictions mean you can't always water your garden when it gets parched in the hot summer sun so I collect every drop I can hehehe.

Tonight is the largest and brightest full moon for the year but I'm not going to be able to bathe in the moonlight as it spills through my bedroom window because the sky is overcast and the moon beams won't get through. Never mind, overcast sky means rain and that's a good thing.

I've posted a pic of my latest work. Not sure how good the image is as its been a bit gloomy for photos. Its another of my inanimate objects that I love so dearly. My work of late tells the story of human life. The everyday objects that turn a house into a home. I suppose its showcasing everyday objects and raising their level of importance. This painting/collage also displays my German-ness by using the word Kaffee (coffee in German). Mum and I go shopping every week. We love to shop at the market as readers of my blog already know. We like nothing better than to sit down in our favourite coffee shop, our trolleys laden with the week's fresh fruit and vegetables awaiting our cappuccino. We sip the hot brew and discuss bargains we have gathered and which are now safely tucked in our said trolleys. Occasionally I might have an orange and poppy seed muffin and Mum will indulge in some fancy cream filled sponge. She's told me that as a child she would see women dressed in their finery, sitting in a coffee shop and drinking coffee and how she thought it was something special. Well I consider it something special too. I love sitting in a coffee shop with Mum, talking about women things and creating wonderful memories.
Eine Tasse Kaffee bitte
collage, acrylic paint and conte on canvas
60.9x50.8cm (24"x20")


Laura said...

Ok got an idea Uta, the story you just told about going to the market and sitting at the cafe having coffee and sweets, You should have that as a statement next to the artwork. Kind of like the story that goes along with the piece. I don't know how other fell about it but it sure would be great to read and keep the viewer there longer at the piece. And it really gives me a full picture of the idea and your passion.
p.s. just love the work grow. How many piece do you have aleady for this show?

Laura said...

Oh don't get me wrong the artwork doesn't need the story to understand it at all but I true enjoy the story with it.

butterfly woman said...

I like Laura's idea too. I feel more emotional connection to the piece as you talk about your mom and you. (Memories connecting past to present). What's a sponge? Here in U.S. it's something to wipe off tables or stamp paint onto art with. Also, can you tell me what the rest of the title means? Here I am trying to title my pieces in English, I can just imagine trying German or Irish language (my own roots)! Love the painting, you depicted the antiqueness of the coffeepot. I'd like to reach into the computer and pour myself a cup of coffee. That real looking, it is!

Julia said...

Sorry for butting in but i see questions I know the answer too so I'm just gonna jump right in - a sponge other than the meanings you explained is a type of cake - its light and fluffy and often is filled with cream mmmm very yummy. My german is pretty bad (correct me if I'm wrong Mum) but I believe the title in english is 'One cup of coffee please'. Now that I'm a know-it-all I'm off to stick my nose in elsewhere....teehehe ;)

Doris said...

I bet the coffee is the best! The story warming...might pause a moment longer sipping alongside.
Oh silly Bev, our twinkies are sponge cakes! Thanks for the language transfer Julia, I didn't suspect it was a phrase.

Uta said...

Laura, its a great idea having the story of each piece next to the work. I will ask the gallery about that one. The gallery also holds artist's talks while the exhibition is running for interested people to listen to the artist talk about their work. I now have 14 new works for the exhibition and if I stick to my schedule of one artwork a week I will have 35 pieces. They are all on the large size the smallest being 24"x20" so that should be plenty.
Bev, Julia is absolutely right. The title is "One cup of Coffee please" and sponge is a type of light, highly indulgent, cream filled cake that I like with strawberries on top.
Doris, I think we might have to go to a few cafes when we meet in Paris and sample some pastries with our coffee.

Laura said...

I have to say this is all to fun!!

butterfly woman said...

Just one more quick thought: Wouldn't it wonderful if we could all come to your exhibit next year? I think I shall put the thought out to the universe! And we can spend the time chowing on sponge cakes and sipping coffee too.
When are the dates and times of the exhibit, Uta?

Uta said...

Ha! What fun that would be. The opening is on Sunday 24th May 2009 at 2pm and it runs till 14th June 2009.