Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lots of Art Activity

Zoe has been working hard towards our exhibition. Here is a new piece she did of her dad and his guitar. She's been working with a different medium and she says she likes it a lot because it does instant shading hehehe.
I have also been working hard and have finished another piece. All it needs is a coat of protective varnish and its done. Next I will do a series of three square canvases. They will incorporate coffee cups from different views. I usually start by taking photos. Moving the objects around and taking loads of pics until I get a pleasing arrangement. I like playing around with light from different angles to see what interesting shadows it creates. So that will be on the agenda for tomorrow, photos, lots of photos.

He Loves Tomatoes on Toast
collage, acrylic paint and conte on canvas
50.8x60.9cm (20"x24")


Laura said...

Ok tomtoes on Toast??? never tried that before. Love to see Zoe's works, so great to watch this all come about.


Deborah Ross said...

Uta, your work is so original, please let us in on your technique and show some more wip. The background is so delicate, yet is preserved in the final product. Beautiful.

Doris said...

Love Zoe's piece! And Ms Laura, certainly you had tomatoes on toast at my folks! We ate it all July/August...or cucumbers on toast!
I can smell them now!

april said...

I love tomatoes on toast! In the summer, that is sometimes my choice for breakfast!

This piece is beautiful, Uta! My gosh! You are painting up a storm!

april said...

And, oh Zoe! You are a wonderful little artist! Love this!

Julia said...

damn you woman now I want mali's on toast - I hope I still have some lovely truss ones unless Mark ate them...fabulous piece btw :)

Uta said...

Thanks Julia

butterfly woman said...

Zoe seems to have her own style.Love how she painted the hands, unusual depiction. Nice she's growing up with nurturing artists around her.
Uta, love your tomatoes still life and all your still lifes. Nice balance of delicate fantasy background with solid realism of tomatoes. Very eye-catching.
Never had tomatoes on toast, may try it.